Download StreamPuppy™ for FREE!

Download and set up our Lite Version in only a few minutes and get access to 6 buttons to use for Keybinds, Chat, and Sounds!

1. Install the StreamPuppy™ Desktop Client

Download StreamPuppy™ for Windows

* If you do not see the "Run" option, Click "More info" and click "Run anyway"

Microsoft Windows SmartScreen Filter
You may see this screen from SmartScreen because StreamPuppy™ is a brand new app. To continue with the installation, you can click "More info" and then "Run anyway".

2. Log in using your Twitch account and then click Use StreamPuppy™ Lite

When you are ready to upgrade to the full version, your License Key will be applied to your Twitch account and will work across any computer that is running StreamPuppy™ when you log in.

Microsoft Windows SmartScreen Filter
Log in using your Twitch account.

3. Download the free StreamPuppy™ mobile app

The mobile app will talk to your streaming computer through the Desktop Client.

4. Enter the Pair Code into the mobile app

Type the Mobile Pair Code shown in the Desktop Client into the mobile app to link the two together.

Microsoft Windows SmartScreen Filter
Your mobile device may need to be on the same WiFi network as your computer.

5. You are all set!

Easy. You did it!

Setting up your StreamPuppy™ Control Pad

1. Open the StreamPuppy™ Mobile App

Don't have the mobile app? Refer to earlier instructions to download the free mobile app and pair your device to your streaming computer.

2. Create a Hotkey Button

We will set up a button to act as a hotkey to control your streaming computer.

  1. Navigate to the right to access the control pad
  2. Turn on Edit Mode in the top-right corner
  3. Tap an empty button to create a new Button and select Color and Icon
  4. Turn off Edit Mode
Microsoft Windows SmartScreen Filter
Did you know? You can also use buttons to send chat messages directly to your Twitch channel. Now you can chat with a single tap!

3. Open OBS, Streamlabs OBS, Discord, or any program with custom hotkeys

* In this example, let's use Streamlabs OBS.

  1. Go to Settings > Hotkeys and Pick an action you want to link to your new button
  2. Click your mouse cursor in the Hotkey text box
  3. Simply Tap your new Button in the mobile app!
Microsoft Windows SmartScreen Filter
StreamPuppy™ simulates complex key combinations on your computer. If you change a button, remember to unset the Hotkey in the program as well.
Microsoft Windows SmartScreen Filter
Did you know? In Streamlabs OBS, you can set the same hotkey to Mute and Unmute to make your button toggle between them!

4. Done! You've created a control pad button!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your streaming journey. We hope you will enjoy using StreamPuppy™!

Click here to join our Discord server for questions or bug reports/feedback!